Dr McPhillips is often asked to assess and report on individuals involved in accidents, crimes, divorce proceedings, custody disputes or unfair dismissal cases. Much this work draws on his extensive research and clinical experience in substance abuse and addictive disorders. Whether he is instructed by one or both parties, he is always an independent, impartial expert who not only thoroughly scrutinises the existing evidence, but also meets the individual in person to conduct his own tests.

Dr McPhillips writes around 30 reports a year and over the past 15 years, has been an expert witness at Magistrates’ Courts, the High Court, the Family Court, Criminal Courts and Employment Tribunals.

“Dr McPhillips is an invaluable ally in custody disputes. He can turn a life around quickly, and multiply our chances of success.”
Dr Mike McPhillips and I have worked together on many occasions over the years, assisting and supporting individuals suffering from addictions and/or complex mental health problems and facing family law issues. He is an exceptional psychiatrist, is fully committed to his patients and has a magical way of gaining their trust and confidence. One of my clients risked losing her children due to her alcohol dependency; she had consulted various health professionals, but it was not until she engaged with Dr McPhillips that she addressed her dependency and managed to turn her life around.
Anna Worwood
Partner and Family Law Specialist, Penningtons Manches LLP, London

If you want to talk to Dr McPhillips about his legal services, please give his secretary a call 0207 245 1199

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