Dr McPhillips treats both insured and self-paying patients, he is registered with all the major UK and International providers.  For patients covered by insurance, we require a pre-authorisation number prior to the appointment. Please email this number to

Self-funding patients must pay for their appointments in advance. Cheque payments should be made out to our accounts service MB and posted to
Connery House
Repton Place

If you need help please contact Dr McPhillips secretary on 0207 245 1199.

Outpatient fees / consultations (from May 1)

£525 up to 1 hour
£295 up to 30 minutes − whether face to face, Skype, FaceTime or telephone

If you choose to have your appointment via Skype, Face Time or telephone, please contact your insurance provider to check that this method of review is covered in your policy, as you may be liable to pay for your invoice(s) that are not settled by your insurer.

Out of hours fees, appointments and home visits

£525 per hour (excluding travel time)

Consultant Inpatient Care Daily fees

Dr McPhillips is not employed by the hospital and therefore his fees are separate from the hospital’s fees and are invoiced via his accounts department, Medical Billing and Collection.
£55 per day for patients covered by BUPA
£170 per day for patients covered by other private medical insurers
£170 per day for self-funding patients

Consultant Day Care Daily fees

If Dr McPhillips refers a patient to the Day Care program, the daily fee for attending the program is;
£55 per day for patients covered by BUPA
£70 per day for patients covered by all other insurance providers
£70 per day for self funding patients

Cancellations of appointment and non-attendance

It is important to give advance notice of your intention not to attend your appointment. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment time. If no advance notice is received, you will be charged the full consultation fee. This also applies for non-attendance to your appointment

Cancellations of appointment and non-attendance by a patient covered by insurance

If the insurance company will not settle the cancellation fee, the patient will be charged the full cancellation fee / or for the shortfall from the insurance company.

Cancellations of appointment and non-attendance by patient who is self funding

The patient will be charged the full cancellation fee.

Other charges

The charge for copying patient records will depend on the size of the file. There is a £15 minimum charge.
Detailed replies to telephone calls, emails and letters charged as follows:
15 minutes: £125
30 minutes: £250
Please note that these services are not usually covered by insurance providers.

Please note that as of 01.02.20, we have been forced to introduce fees for the medical and secretarial time taken up with responding to hundreds of emails per week.  Accordingly, work done via email will now be charged according to the time taken as per our usual practice rate. This will include requests for insurance reports, occupational reports, driving and shotgun licenses and reports for academic studies charged as follows:
15 minutes £40.00
15 minutes and above £60.00

Account enquiries

If you are a self-funding patient and have any queries about your account please call our account service MBC on 01494 763 999.

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