A big Thank You – and a testament to your expertise

A very big thank you for such an excellent seminar – you were both extremely engaging and navigated a challenging topic sensitively and thoughtfully. As you saw the audience were very engaged, which is often tricky to achieve online, and it’s a real testament to your expertise.

Thank you for dedicating time to this – we are very appreciative and look forward to hopefully working with you again soon.
Farrer & Co LLP,  Lincoln’s Inn Fields


“He made me confront my addictions. And then he told me what I had to do. I’ve not touched drink or drugs since.”

I was 37 and trapped in a life of alcohol, drugs and self-pity. I had a reasonably high-powered job which I was clinging on to, just, but the rest of my life was in tatters.

I’d managed to isolate myself from most of my friends and all my family. Agreeing to see Mike McPhillips was a major step. I don’t know what it was about him, but he had a sort of honest, caring, straight-talking quality that I responded to. He found a way to talk to me that helped me to see my behaviour and my problem. The next day I was admitted into his care as an inpatient at a London hospital, where I spent three months detoxing and being looked after. That was 15 years ago. I’ve not had a drink or drugs since. And to thank him for every year of my new life, I always send him a card on my sobriety birthday!


It's like suddenly being able to swim and glide through the water with ease

I’m writing this on the train, and feel confident that the medication you’ve prescribed will enable me to get it done without distraction. That is a complete revolution for me. I also know that when I get to my demanding job as a lawyer, I’ll be totally focused on the meetings I attend and the papers I have to read, and not panicking about missing important details. And that’s liberated me to enjoy my family life.

Thank you for listening, for opening my eyes and freeing my mind from the barrage of random thoughts that used to make work and home life so troublesome. It’s like suddenly being able to swim and glide through the water with ease.


ADHD – it was such a relief to know that there was a name for my problem, and that other people had it too. And that it could be treated – quickly.

Focus. It’s the basic component of a successful life. But for most of my life – I’m 30 now – I struggled to focus. My brain raced from thought to thought, dream to dream. So school was a struggle, as was life after that. So I started self-medicating with drugs and alcohol.

It was my third psychotherapist (the first two hadn’t worked out) who advised me to see a psychiatrist for an ADHD test – just to rule it out. That’s when I met Dr McPhillips. When he gave me the results at our second session, it was such a relief: I had a condition which could be treated with medication.

I still see my therapist and practise self-hypnosis and meditation. That’s all good for helping me relax and understand my feelings. What the medication has given me is control, energy, focus. The difference is night and day. Every day, I feel ready for life and all its opportunities.