Scientific papers & talks

Dr McPhillips is regularly invited to contribute papers and opinions to leading medical journals, and to address psychiatric conferences. Here is a selection of his recent contributions:

Reasonable Adjustment and Mental Illness in the Workplace

Presentation at the Disability Discrimination Conference 2017, London

Not for Human Consumption

New Psychoactive Substances aka ‘Legal Highs’

Improving the Treatment and Assessment of Drug and Alcohol-Impaired Parents in Custody Proceedings

Talk given to Independent Doctors’ Federation Conference in 2014

The British Journal of Psychiatry, December 2001 179:509-13. PMID: 11731353

The British Journal of Psychiatry Suppl. 1999;(38):34-43. Review PMID: 10884898

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Int Clin Psychopharmacol. 1995 Sep;10 Suppl 3:115-21. Review. PMID: 8866773

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British Journal of Psychiatry. 1992 Apr;160:574. PMID: 1571777

Dr McPhillips is regularly invited to address conventions of psychiatrists and lawyers to share his expertise in adult psychiatry, substance abuse, and addictive or compulsive behaviour. Please contact his office if you would like to discuss his possible involvement in a conference you are planning.